Become a Mentor

A Mentor during a YO workshop at Maanzoni Lodge
Criteria for choosing mentors
  • An interest in mentoring as a volunteer: - The best mentors choose to help and derive personal satisfaction from the mentoring relationship;
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills: - they should be good listeners, enthusiastic, and encouraging;
  • The ability to coach and facilitate learning processes.
  • Willingness to be included in the young ophthalmologists networking;
  • Ability to enhance leadership and management skills of young ophthalmologists while guiding them.
Interaction between the mentor and mentee
  • Physical meetings- At least once in 4 months
  • Frequent virtual communication-via email, Skype, phone calls etc

Setting for interaction between mentor and mentee
  • Clinical setting: at the mentee’s work station for supervision or at the mentor’s station
  • for observership
  • Informal setting e.g. over coffee
  • Partnering in research
  • Joint outreach activities
  • E-meetings- via email, Skype etc.

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