Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Leadership Training for Ophthalmologists in Sub Saharan Africa.

The African Ophthalmology Council (AOC) in collaboration with the ICO, AAO and COECSA will be starting its first leadership training for Ophthalmologists in Sub Saharan Africa.

The first session will take place 2 days towwards the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern ,Central and South Africa 3RD Annual Scientific Congress in Naivasha, Kenya, Scheduled for 27th  -28th  August, 2015.

COECSA strongly requests the Young Ophthalmologists' participation at this leadership development program (LDP). You are requested to nominate one participant to represent Young Ophthalmologists at the first leadership development program event.

For correspondence, the Email address to use is info@coecsa.org

You shall be receiving further communication from Dr. Kunle directly concerning the nomination process and any other information towards the LDP event.

Leadership Development Program
                                     LDP Class of 2017
Anglophone Section


Leadership Development Program


The African Ophthalmology Council!!(AOC) is the regional Eye Society representing Sub Saharan Africa countries. The AOC invites National and Regional Eye Societies in Sub Saharan Africa to Sponsor Ophthalmologists to its new Leadership Development Program.

For questions about the Program please see below information or email Dr. Kunle Hassan (President, AOC) at KunleHassan@EyeFoundationHospital.com.



The purpose of the Leadership Development Program is to provide both personal & Organizational orientation & skill development to future leaders of Regional & National Eye Societies in Sub Sahara.

a. Identify individuals with the potential to become leaders in Ophthalmology.
b. Provide orientation and skills to allow potential leaders to promote Ophthalmology locally, nationally & across the African continent.
c. Facilitate the promotion of program graduates into leadership positions locally, nationally and across Sub Saharan Africa.

A. Only National and Regional societies may submit a program participant nomination to the AOC Leadership Development Program Selection Committee.

b. A National society may nominate one Ophthalmologist to participate At the discretion of
AOC Leadership Development Program Selection Committee, a hosting Regional and a
Hosting National society may be allowed to have additional observing participants

c. Nominee must be a current member of the nominating society and must be a current member in good standing of the participating Regional society.

d. Nominee must have a minimum of 5 years membership in the nominating National society.

e. Nominee must agree to participate in all elements of the Leadership Development Program as noted in the program outline (i.e. attend all designated meetings).

f. Nominee must agree to develop a project over the course of his/her participation in the program that will benefit the nominating society. Participant will identify and outline the project by January 2016 and will submit an abstract describing the project goals, objectives and status by July 2016.

g. Cost of participation will be shared by the African Ophthalmology Council, the Nominating
National and Regional societies and the individual participate (see “Cost sharing” chart)

h. Estimated annual Leadership Development Program class size: 17L20 participants.


National Host Societies
Regional Society COECSA
Agenda materials,
Resource books and meeting preparation.

Social events –i.e.
receptions, selected
dinners for COESCA

Registration fee for
Scientific conference.

Airfare and lodging
For COECSA 2015 in
Naivasha, Kenya.

Speakers, consultants, moderators

Social events–i.e.
Receptions, selected
Dinners for COESCA

Registration fee for
Scientific conference.

Airfare and lodging
For COECSA 2016 in Tanzania
Registration fee
For 2017 AOC Congress

Social events –i.e. receptions, selected dinners for AOC
Congress 2017

Airfare and lodging
For 2017 AOC Congress

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