Wednesday, 29 April 2015


COECSA announces Support for Short-Term Subspecialty Training.

COECSA, with the generous support of partners in Health Systems Strengthening Project, is pleased to announce the availability of short term subspecialty training support for interested COECSA Fellows within ECSA region. To be considered for this support, one MUST meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be a Fellow of COECSA in good standing
  • Has secured (or is in the process of securing) admission for a short term subspecialty trainig
  •  The training MUST be needs-based and must be completed within the project period (not extending beyond December 2015) 

*To apply, please send a (1) one page motivation letter detailing the training need & potential impact of the training to eye care in the region and an indicative budget for your training to If you have already secured admission, please attach the letter of admission from the training institution alongside your application. If not, please include details of the institution where you have applied to and the tentative training dates in the motivation letter.

The deadline for submitting applications is 10th May, 2015. Successful applicants will be notified shortly thereafter.

This is your chance Young Ophthalmologists! 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Announcing the COECSA Fellowship Exam 2015

This year's COECSA fellowship Exam will be held at Addis Ababa University's Menelik II Hospital in Ethiopia.

Dates: 28th September - Examiners' training
            : 29th - 30th September - Exam (OSCE and Structured VIVA)

Host/Venue:  Addis Ababa University’s Menelik II Hospital, ETHIOPIA

Are you ready? visit for Instructions on how to register.

Q. Why ophthalmology?      A. It’s my calling

Name: Dr Simon Arunga, a young Ophthalmologist & Clinical Lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

Affiliation: Member of the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa & COECSA’s Young Ophthalmologists Forum

Q. Speak to Africa as a young Ophthalmologist on the importance of Eye health In Africa

A. Eye Health is a key part of our well-being.  We all need to “see well” in order to lead productive lives.  Blindness is not just an individual problem but a community problem.  I am always touched by the common upcountry sight of a blind person being led on a stick by a small child.  This means if there happens to be a blind person in a family, one of the children will be “sacrificed” to miss school and stay at home and care for this older blind person thereby literally threatening the future of this child.

Q. What is your vision on COECSA and Africa at large?

A. I strongly feel that as Africa, this is the right time to do something to alleviate the burden of blindness and suffering in our communities.

We all have a role to play and not just to leave it to a few.  As young ophthalmologists, leaders, individuals, partners, we now more than ever need to realize we have the enthusiasm, motivation, skills and resources to provide African solutions to African problems.  We all need to work together, collaborate, be innovative, network, and embrace low cost technology to come up with sustainable solutions for our continent.